Shannon (lifes_a_dance) wrote,

fri night and im in the computer lab

today is my day off, the first one in ten days and what am i doing? nothing, i dont even know what to do with myself (part of why im here), study? clean my apt? thats not fun, i feel like i should enjoy my night a little bit...even when i have a day off i feel like i might as well be at work since i dont have anything alse to do anyways, at least id be getting paid...i mean thats part of why i volunteer to work as much as i do, ya it makes me more tired and rundown but if i dont really have anyone to hang out with when im not there then why not? at least im gaining something

went out on wed with the philosophy kids and had a really good time, i love when we all get together, we where celebrating jessica and travis' bdays...normally i never am bother by the fact that im single but the other night i had this moment when we were all at the bar where i noticed that when we hang out all of them bring along their significant other, which is not a problem i love them all, but for a moment i was very aware that im the only one of us not dating anyone

so theres this new kid in the dept, martin, hes an exchange student here for the year from finland...he came out with us the other night and hes really cool, i like him a lot, me and scott hung out with him for like seven hours and hes really interesting, kind made me feel a little uninteresting...he just knows about a lot of different things and knows how to do a lot of different things (he plays like every insrument and speaks like five languages, scott figures he still has a couple years to catch up though) and we were thinking we must seem sorta dumb and boring in comparison, but anyway i really liked hanging out with him, hopefully we will all be going out more often

anyway home i go to watch tv and eat halloween candy
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