Shannon (lifes_a_dance) wrote,

i hate my freakin company

i can never catch a break there, no matter how much harder i work or how much responsibility i get there is never any direct compensation, whenever i get to a point where i am in a place to be promoted then all of a sudden the position doesnt actuall exist anymore or they are about to get rid of no matter what i do or how obvious the situation looks i get screwed in the end, even though i feel like marilyn will go to bat for me a little harder than cathy ever did i still feel like im going to get nothing out of it - again...and the thing that makes it worse is that within a month of lindsay transfering to u village she got promoted like twice, pretty much got the job i want when i know more than she did because ive been doing it for years and now shes way above me, and its not like im blaming her or am mad at her or anything because its not her fault at all and i know that part of it is that im way up here in bham and out of the loop but its just one more thing that makes it suck extra for me...thats what it does basically - is just sucks
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