Shannon (lifes_a_dance) wrote,

shannon and lindsay go southern (and a little bit italian)

oh my gosh! seriously best trip ever, the whole thing was just awesome, awesome things just kept happening to us - people love us down there!

we went to three new states, texas, louisiana and mississippi...stayed in a fancy hotel (and a not so fancy one)...we swam in the gulf of mexico...we ate beingets, crawfish, catfish, gumbo, jumbalya, grits, hushpuppies, looked at turtle soup (which we decided was sufficient)and tons of different kinds of shrimp...we went to a club in pascagoula, which we were the only white people in, gave my underage sister beers in the bathroom and snuck in her even more underage friend...saw geckos...went to the casinos...ate at a waffle house...saw my little sister get plenty of drinks bought for free coffee one morning...we saw the mississippi river...rode the st charles street car...we ate at the bubba gump shimp co...we saw origional paintings by picasso, chagall, dali and warhol...found a new favorite artist, todd white...met a painter whos name i cant remember right now and the hot guy that works in his studio...we saw ann rice's house...went to an above gound cemetary...we partied on bourbon street...we drank handgrenades and hurricanes...we got real mardi gras beads...we promoted for hustler...we hung out with italian boys, i kissed an italian boy...we went to one of the top five zoos...we snuck into the largest aquarium...we went to the hardrock and the house of blues...had our palms a real life ghost story told to us by the guy who works in this old hotel and saw the room there clinton and hilary stayed in...saw tulane and loyola...we went swimming at 3 am drinking champagne with boys we met...

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