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lobsterized once again

got horrifically sun burnt today, didnt even think we were out that long but that was obviously incorrect

so im in the computer lab supposed to be writing my paper but of course im procrastinating...this is the one that i just really dont want to write, i could have been working on it all day but there was always something better to do (yes even getting burned was better, well maybe not) and now i only have a limited amount of hours left at my disposal

ive been 22 for exactly a month now and i had been hoping this year was going to treat me better than the last but so far things arent exactly looking that way...i mean i got the death illness on my frickin birthday and had to go to the hospital for heavens sake, i got another fabulous letter from my dad, seem to have struck out with two different boys, felt pretty good about my midterms til i got them back, have managed to go completely broke, thought something happened to my mom cuz she unplugged the phone, my sister apparently got thrown around again oh and now my skin is, its a good thing im not a pessimist or life would kinda suck right now, i just hope theres a nice little change to come, i need somethin...its weird though because if i look back i would say that being 21 was awesome, it was so much fun and we did so much stuff that rocked, but then once i really think about it a few of the absolute worst possible things happened that year (my parents, bogie, annies stroke, billy almost dying in iraq), but thats not what comes to mind when i think of it overall, the good things are the ones that stand out most

new plan: go home, sleep, get up early, bust out paper
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